Ar. Rika Chaudhry
Ar. Ipsit Patel
Ar. Akshai Wilkinson
Ar. Abhishek Bakshi

Interior design

To create a space which is unique and true to its owner’s lifestyle. A place that bridges the gap between exterior and the interior spaces in a seamless way.

The requirements

The layout

The site is situated with the facade completely open to the west. It paints a beautiful image of the setting sun at the horizon, and the lights from the queens necklace just add value to the entire scene.

The house entrance was a narrow stairwell that opened up into a little open space.This space was imagined to have screen to give you a peep into the house but not reveal too much at the same time.

The passageway led to a long linear open layout that contained a dining room, living room and the bar at the end. The client were very social and loved to entertain guests.

The material palette

The furniture was hand crafted and designed to accentuate the grains of the wood. Highlights of metal like beaten brass, black powered coated steel frame were used to compliment the beauty of the wood

The bar located at the end was treated as an art piece in itself. We used weathered steel and let it oxidised naturally, creating a beautiful mix of complex earthy shades. The light piece in polished brass contrasted the earthiness of the steel. The birds perched on the top were hand crafted in solid wood for the light piece.

The room turned left to open to a private living room. The living area was treated with a lighter sand stone colour to compliment the grey floors. We looked into black sleek metal shelves and concealed the joinery behind the wall to give a sense of weightlessness to a heavy structure. The private living room led to the master bedroom. This space had a monolithic concrete bed designed at the centre of the space. The bed overlooked a full window that captured Mumbai’s queen necklace(marine drive). 

The bed was designed keeping storage in mind as all Indian households require a lot of storages ?

The room above the first floor was designed for their daughter. Her choice of wood and the way she wanted the bedroom to feel was slightly different from the rest of the house. The muted tones and the lighter shade of wood appealed to her. The entire room was designed keeping her in mind. Soft edges, rounded corners and simple and elegant forms were used around the room.

My learning from this project;
1. Creating an experience in the physical space can be challenging but with the right kind of insight, you can create something magical.
2. The material study is very important, you have to learn the limitations of the material to truly understand what it is capable of
3. While designing for the clients, you tend to put your personal preferences in the midst of your proposals, keep an eye out for these instances. you’re designing for your client.
4. Storage is very important in houses, finding fun ways to create storage options was an amazing learning experience.

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