Window display

Graphic Designer

Priyasha Murarka
Abhishek Bakshi

Graphic design
Window display design

To create a beautiful, relatable, fun illustration for Titan World Windows that focus on celebration and festive that are not generic and capture the vibe of the holidays.

The colour palette

About Titan

Titan Company Limited is an Indian lifestyle company that mainly manufactures fashion accessories such as watches, jewellery and eyewear. Part of the Tata Group, the company is headquartered in Electronic City, Bangalore. It commenced operations in 1984 under the name Titan Watches Limited.

Things to keep in mind

Initial Illustrations

We started by looking at various ways that we tend to experience window graphics, Our ideas were to break the idea of a window as a barrier but for it to act as a means of interaction with the space inside.

The different approaches we took

Illustration 1


Low res mockup for the client to get a better idea

Time to dream.

There are so many things that pass us by, so many things we want to do say and achieve. titan is the guardian angel that will always have your back. Help you make all your holiday dreams come true. Spread the holiday cheer and bring you closer to making your festive realities.

Illustration 2

Low res mockup for the client to get a better idea

Timeless memories.

We measure our life with the help of time. It is a concept used to help us understand the world around us. A time to celebrate and a time to feel free.With everyday we share together in this world, let us remember that our time together is finite but the memories we share with each other will live on.

Illustration 3


Low res mockup for the client to get a better idea

Time to Celebrate.

Festive time is a time when all people come together.It is the time of the year we celebrate, have fun, and make memories with family and friends. Find joy in traditions and let our hair down to party.This illustrations captures the vibes of that feeling. From making a shopping list to dancing the night away. Titan wants you to make time to celebrate.

After the client feedback 

The client was really happy with the options that we had presented him with and wanted to go ahead with the Third approach.


Ahem……So did we thats why we kept the best for last. *cue evil laugh HeHeHe*

Final Illustrations

We wanted to make sure that the illustrations can be adapted in to separate panels and could work with 1, 2 and 3 window displays. Another thing to keep in mind was that no store is the same so the illustrations were made in a way that they can be grouped up and installed separately as well.

Below we can see the illustrations working as single panels

Illustrations working as grouped together

On site execution

My learnings

I learnt a great deal about window prints during this project. From the way they are printed to the way they are applied on the screen. I also had to research to understand the kinds of prints available and what suited our approach best.