Red chimney

UX/UI Designer

Priyasha Murarka
Abhishek Bakshi

UX design
UI design
Web development

To Create Website that truly
resonates with the brand values.

Establishing a website to showcase the capabilities of the brand and Help establish credibility and grow the brand and business.

The colour palette

About red chimney estates

Founded by Kyrus Sethna, Red chimney is his own brand after being born and raised in a building family and having the backing / resources of an established builder like Rustom Sethna and Sethna Construction Red Chimney is a brand that brings a fresh new perspective to building / Estates / Terrains and Interiors. The Brand focuses on turnkey projects and is lead by Kyrus on all ventures.



I wanted the website to havea simple single page flow, which focused on each aspect of the what needed to be highlighted.

high fidelity wireframes

Screen mockups

I also wanted to make sure that the side game the same minimalistic feel irrespective of the device you were using to view it. The experience should resonate with owning an estate. Simple and luxurious.

My learnings

I’ve learnt a lot during the process. Coming from an architecture background, I really wanted to the website to feel premium. Since the owner is also an architect. We could come to an understanding regarding the website and the flow easily. The challenges were to fit in the extra services that he offers his buyers and how well could we communicate that to them. filtering out information and art direction of photo shoots also played a key role in bringing the website to life. To view the current website Click here : redchimneyestates