Nikhil Kumar

Creative director

Abhishek Bakshi
Priyasha Murarka
Akash nandi
Sanjana Mondal
Diya Parmar

Brand development
Experience design

To create a dynamic visual identity and build a brand for an Indian bestselling author

Nikhil Kumar loves telling stories. They spill from his head while he tries to note them down. With 5 bestselling books, a mentorship programme and explorer of different writing styles, genres and a keen interest in science and storytelling. We wanted to create an identity that satisfied all these requirements.

The story behind the visual identity

The visual identity route explores all aspects of what makes up Nikhil Kumar. Handwriting is a tool that gives insight into a person’s personality and their qualities. A person’s handwriting can tell a lot about them. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to encompass Nikhil through the way he writes, which also comes full circle with what he does.

Nikhil Kumar

The colour palette

We arrived at a clean colour palette after the branding therapy session. The idea was to play with black and white with a pop of green. We suggested playing with shades and tones of the selected colours to add more depth to the limited colours.

Identity expansion

We looked at creating an overall experience for Nikhil Kumar by tapping into merchandise for his brand. These collaterals would help him establish his brand and also help in brand recall.


Stall design

As a new brand, we focussed on capitalising on all opportunities Nikhil would have to grow his audience. From stall design to book clubs and reading sessions had to imbibe the overall feel of the brand Nikhil Kumar.


The mentorship page

Nikhil Kumar believes in helping other authors get published. To create an easy onboarding process for his mentees, we designed his website to guide the new authors and helped them connect with Nikhil Kumar. The website assisted him to build a larger audience and the visual aesthetics holistically tied in with his overall brand experience.


My learnings

I’ve learnt a lot during the process.The challenges faced by an author to publish. As well as how important it is to understand that the identity of the author evolves with every book they write. The challenges were to create a dynamic identity that changes based on his need and helps his audience distinguish the kind of services he provides.