Co-Lead Concept

Prasad Patil
Namrata Gosavi
Abhishek Bakshi

Concept design
Interior design

Naturals ice cream is one of the largest ice cream chains founded in India. Their products are made from natural ingredients and have no preservatives in them. The outlets are divided into 3 categories. A concept store is one of the 3 categories in which we allow ourselves to explore and design one of a kind experience for the customer.

My deliverables for the given project were

Naturals Noida

Since the location of the outlet was in a mall, we had to abide by strict rules and regulations. So our concept had to be verified and approved by various authorities before implementation.

The concept

To begin with, we looked we did some internet-based ethnographic research to understand the area.Noida is Asia’s largest township and has amassed the name of being a mixed cultural hub. People from around the world have spoken about how they feel they have been transported to another world when they enter Noida.

The Idea of people
coming together

In earlier times, When a vendor had to set up a shop, especially an ice cream shop. He would look for a big tree to set up shop. The reason being simple, the tree provides shade and gives a traveller relief to enjoy his ice cream in peace.

We also see trees being focal points for people to come together and relax under the shade, We humans are drawn to nature. We feel connected as one when we are near these natural lungs of the earth.

Just like a tree is connected by its roots to a network, so are humans. We were inspired to build on the idea of deconstructing a tree into a single unit connecting the entire outlet as one. Bringing the focus to a single entity in a crowded space just like a big tree would on a sunny day.

The extra mile

We believe that the experience of a space comes from looking at all the elements coming together as one.

We worked on various form of light fixtures and narrowed down on a single wireframe form to complement the monolithic structure we were planning on creating.

The render.

The execution

@all images by drink water design.

This work was done when I was part of the team at drink waters design studio, Mumbai. To check out more of them click on the link below.
Drink water design