Lead UI/ UX designer

Priyasha Murarka
Abhishek Bakshi

UI design
UX design
Information Architecture

Educating the audience about augmenting human intelligence with AI-powered mixed reality glasses

After looking at their existing website, It was clear that it needed work on a few sections
1. Visual hierarchy
2. Communication tonality
3. Information accessibility
4. Being able to amply communicate to a different audience group

Existing website screen shots

What we proposed.

For creating this experience, the design would have to focus on a few points
1. By taking the users and viewers on a journey about the product, The brand would start to build a connection
2. The dramatisation of the landing page could intrigue the user to dive deeper into the product.
3. We also looked at different ways we could display the products and use simple visual to communicate technical information.
4. To make the website more interactive, We proposed a small tool on the right side to toggle between the products. As you toggle, the gradients change indicating you’re on a different product.Which acts as an indicator and provides feedback to its users

The wireframe

The Visual Look

The colour gradients we adopted for the visual background worked well together and we looked at simple and gradual transitions for the gradient to make it look more appealing.

The Interface