Lead UX designer

Abhishek Bakshi
Priyasha Murarka

Website design
UX design
UI design

The opportunity
To design a website that helps guide young Indians with
1. Completing their education
2. The career opportunities available
3. The essential documents required for all kind of applications
4. Soft skill development for interviews
5. Government schemes available for the students in difficult situations
6. Information about their citizenship rights

We designed a website that helps young Indians understand the career opportunities as well as educational opportunities (if they haven’t completed their 10th and 12th) available to them. The website also focussed on helping individuals understand their citizenship rights and develop soft skills for job interviews.

Aagam A non for profit initiative

Aagam faced the challenge that the information they were trying to communicate was spread across various government websites and was largely inaccessible. The solution they required was twofold
1. To gather the information from all the sources and tailor it into bite-sized content that makes it more accessible and understandable.
2. To visually make the site fun and help the people engage with the website without losing interest in their objective/ goal.

Sectors to focus on

The young Indian

Being educated and being well informed are two different things and we wanted to inform young Indians of all things available to them as students, citizens and help them understand the difference between having a job and a career. The issue most young Indians faced was with accessibility of such information, and that was Aagam’s core objective.

The plan

Site map and wireframing

After performing our case studies and ground research, we proposed the following wireframe.

High fidelity Screens

Mobile Screen

Since the website is supposed to be for the masses, we approached it as mobile first and then took looked at designing the desktop screens. The reason being that the target audience would use their cellphones to access the website and large majority of the audience won’t have the financial capabilities to experience the website on a desktop

Visual collaterals

The website had to be visually engaging as opposed to the dry government websites we are used to viewing in India. The website has fun interations and gifs, animations that play different pages to keep the viewer engaged and make the experience of gaining information fun.

Click here to view the website.

My learnings

Aagam came with a lot of challenges.
1. The data sorting and grouping of over 280 jobs in 15 sectors and communicating that information.
2. Designing an API to help load the data and manage it from the backend.
3. To make sure that the communication was clear was another big challenge.
4. To understand the Aagam’s complete service and to make sure the objective of the website was achieved as the impact that this will have on the youth will be immense.